Size and Measurement Details MUST Be E-Mailed AFTER Order

Bollywood Actress Outfits

FAQ & Care

How can I order ?
For customers with or without a Credit-Card we offer a wide range of Alternate Payment Options (see How To Order page).

If you wish to pay by Debit/Credit Card then please ask us for an online invoice:-

How can I order without a Credit Card ?
* For alternate payment options of direct payment Bank Transfer or Western Union, you need not go online.
* Add Listed Prices of all products you wish to order. (recommended currency converter is )
* Subtract discounts (if any) from your total and make payment as detailed on How To Order page. No dicounts for Rush Order.


PAY BY - Direct Bank Transfer/Check/Cheque/Western Union/PAYPAL and get up to 10% Discount off your Total Order

While ordering online I'm receiving this message: "Sorry. Your session has expired. Please try again." Why ?
This message may appear in two cases. The first would be if too much time is taken between adding products to the basket and checking out. The other could be your browser history conflicting with your current order. In this case, clear your browser cache and try ordering again. If you are still facing problems you can ask for a Personalised Payment Invoice OR use any of several alternate payment options as listed here .

I'm having trouble ordering online. I'm receiving server error messages. Why and what can I do about it ?
For your protection, we have elaborate Security Software built into our Payment Gateway. Should you be ordering from an insecure server, this software automatically disables the Payment Gateway. In this case please contact us for a completely secure personal payment invoice OR use any of several alternate payment methods listed in our How To Order page.

What sizes are your products available in ?
All our products are tailor-made from scratch. We work with your measurements or size as provided during order.
Products can also be provided unstitched on request. (not valid for ready-to-ship products)

How do I submit my measurements ?
Easy! After processing your online order, e-mail detailed actual body measurements of HEIGHT, BUST, UNDER-BUST, WAIST and HIPS to In case any other measurements be required, our production department will contact you later. (measurements can also be entered in special instructions box at checkout)

For GIFT PURCHASE - Alternatively HEIGHT and DRESS SIZE (please see chart at size-guide ) can be provided.

I love the outfits in your gallery. However, I want small changes made, like long sleeves instead of short, longer blouse to cover my midriff, etc. is it possible?
Yes, all special requests are accommodated. While most changes are free of cost, any substantial changes resulting in extra cost for us may result in a marginal change in price. Details of ALL Changes/ Special Instructions MUST be repeated via email after order.

We have recently had cases, where the customer has expected his/her order to be executed, incorporating changes suggested by customer via email, weeks even months before actual date of order. We will NOT check email history before executing an order. If no email containing Special Instructions / Changes is received AFTER order is placed, order will be executed without any changes.

Am I getting Original Bollywood Outfits and Jewellery ?
No. All Bollywood Outfits are only inspired by those worn by Movie Stars and are made exactly in the same style. Please be aware that very slight insignificant differences may occur, due to all outfits being completely handmade. (No two pieces of any Handworked Product can ever be exactly the same as each pair of hands will have it's own style of working.) Also be warned that wearing an outfit, similar to one worn by a star, will not necessarily make you look like that star!

Please Note: most original movie costumes are made for single use with cheap poly-mix fabrics. These fabrics have a shiny finish that looks good on screen but is quite tacky otherwise. All our Bollywood Inspired outfits are made from lush fabrics such as Pure Silk, Satin etc, so you are actually getting an improved product.

My outfit is not the exact shade of cream as the outfit shown on your site ?
Please be aware that actual color may differ slightly from that shown. While the essential color will remain the same, that is pastel pink will be pastel pink and turquoise will be turquoise, the actual shade may differ. Minor differences in exact shade of color differ due to lighting differences, individual photographer styles, film development differences, scanner differences and individual pc monitor color settings. See Shade Chart 1 and Shade Chart 2 .


Is it safe to give away credit card details online ?
Your credit card details are perfectly safe at our personalised credit-card processing server, which is SSL secured.

My credit card purchase has been declined. I am within my credit-card limit, why has it been declined ?
The most common reason for this is customer not inputing personal and billing details correctly. You must ensure that Name and Billing Address are input EXACTLY as shown on your bank statements for the credit card.
A delay between adding products to your basket and checking out may also result in the order being declined. Should you still face problems, we suggest checking with your bank OR credit-card provider.

Are shipping charges included ?
Yes. All prices are inclusive of shipping and FREE HOME DELIVERY (no matter where you are)

Do you have a showroom in New York/Mumbai/London ?
No. Our Head-Office is located in Calcutta, India. However, nothing is sold locally from our Calcutta showroom to maintain our 100% export company status.

Do you have a catalogue ?
No. Due to fast turnover of items and sale options, our products are available to view through our online store only.

Can you send me more pictures of your products ?
Company Policy does not allow us to send pictures to customers. All details and pictures are already available online. Should you have any questions about the products, please do not hesitate to email us at .

What is the delivery time ?
Depending on the item, all orders are delivered between 4 to 6 weeks. Handworked Sarees and other extensively handworked outfits are shipped in 4 weeks. Bridal wear, Ghagaras, Lehengas, Jewellery may take upto 6 weeks to ship. Please note that we do NOT give Guarantees for Delivery Date as we have no control over extenuating circumstances that may/ may not delay delivery after we have shipped. Orders of value less than US $100.00, will be shipped by registered air mail (average transit 10 days)

Can i request a rush order ?
Certainly you can ask for your order to be rushed for a special occasion. We do not charge extra for Rush Orders, however all rush orders MUST be paid for via Money Transfer OR Bank Transfer . Orders paid for via Online Credit Card Portal cannot be rushed, as this form of payment takes time to verify. and 10% Bank Transfer Discount NOT VALID FOR RUSH ORDERS . All rush orders are shipped in approximately 15 days (email to check exact time for your outfit) by the fastest possible International Speed Courier Service (transit approximately 4 working days). Please note that we do NOT give Guarantees for Delivery Date as we have no control over extenuating circumstances that may/ may not delay delivery after we have shipped.

Not accepting any Rush Order during 1st October 2014 and 10th October 2014 (both days inclusive)

Do you have any outfits that can be shipped immediately ?
Please check our Ready To Ship section for a limited number of items that are in stock and ready to ship in limited size range. All items in READY TO SHIP section can be shipped in 48 hours and may be delivered within 6 to 7 working days. Payment via Western Union ONLY.

Are your prices the cheapest ?
We follow a Fair Pricing Policy, where all our items are competitively priced. No product is over-priced and no product is under-priced. If another store can give you the same product at a lower price, rest assured that this is due to inferior quality on their part. Quality goods is our priority and we would never lower prices by compromising on quality. If at any time we get good deals on any raw materials, this discount is passed directly onto the customer (see Bargain Basket).

How do I wash garments when they are dirty ?
All outfits purchased from us need to be DRY CLEANED. Home wash is not recommended.

How do I care for my outfits?
Naturally air dry garment for few hours after each wear. Avoid direct spray of perfume, rain water, exposure to heavy moisture.

Do you share your customer list with other companies?
We never do this nor will ever share our customer list with anybody. This is our strict private policy.

Can you help me pick a bridal dress at a short notice?
If you email us with three preferences from our collection, our expert team of designers will help you pick the right dress for your forthcoming wedding. We take special care for RUSH delivery if your wedding is approaching soon. Rush Orders must be paid for via Western Union OR Bank Transfer.

Do you give Wholesale Discounts?
We do not actively solicit for Wholesale orders. However, some Discounts offered to retailers as a matter of mutual respect . For further details, email us at with a proposed order (eg: 10 Bridal Saree + 12 Printed Suits + 15 Non-Bridal Jewellery Sets ) including ITEM_CODES/ TYPE OF PRODUCT + QUANTITY + YOUR COUNTRY. We will then calculate your discount and get back to you with a quote. FREE Shipping & Packaging is valid for ALL Orders. WHOLESALE ORDERS MUST BE PAID BY DIRECT BANK TRANSFER

Do you have a Special Price for Boutique Orders?
Yes write to us with item numbers and quantities required for price discount, if you are a Boutique Owner. (Valid for Orders with Minimum Five Pieces - Totalling Over US$1000.00 only)

I am a Bollywood fan and want to order outfits worn on screen by some actresses. If I specify an outfit from a film, can you make one for me exactly like it?
Yes this is our speciality. Please email us your request with details and preferably pictures as well.

I am not happy with the outfit you sent me. What is your policy on returns?
See our Refund/Exchange Policy under Terms, Conditions and Policy



is water-absorbent. Whites can be bleached lightly, but not treated, printed or colored cottons. Before washing vegetable dyed cotton, test for colorfastness by wetting a small corner to see if it bleeds. Soak in cold or tepid water, dry in shade and iron with hot steam.

is easy to maintain and improves with washing. Wah in cold or lukewarm water. Don't put detergent directly on the denim, or soak it for long. Dry it inside-out. Both hand or machine wash (tumble dry on low heat) work well. For machine wash of darker denims, inside out is reccomended to keep color from fading.

are made from looped fibres and can absorb air and water. Wash in cold water and dry flat. Iron on low heat and store folded on broad hangers.

is an intricate pattern made of synthetic or natural yarns, sometimes stitched onto a base. It can stretch and lose shape if handled poorly. Dry-cleaning is reccomended. Hand-wash at home with a sponge soaked in mild solution of liquid soap and lukewarm water. Spread the lace flat and blot clean. Never bleach. Ironing not reccomended.

has poor elasticity, wrinkles easily, can be dyed well, dosent fade quickly and can tolerate high temperatures. Wash, wring gently and dry in shade. While Ironing, open collars and iron on fold, as prolonged folding can cause the yarns to break. Iron when damp with hot steam.

are synthetic, crease-resistant fabrics with an affinity for oil. Polyester is tough but melts under medium to high temperatures. Georgette, Chiffon and Organza are diaphonous and delicate. To wash, soak in lukewarm water with a mild detergent, dont scrub, rinse thoroughly, squeeze excess water and dry flat. Iron while damp on low temperature.

is strong, can be dyed easily, drapes well and dries quickly. All handworked and zari woven silk sarees and outfits should be dry-cleaned and stored away from direct sunlight. Most unembellished plain silks can be hand-washed using a gentle non-alkaline shampoo. Dont wring, but roll in towel to squeeze out extra moisture before drying. Iron on low temperature using a press cloth. Silk fades under direct sunlight.

is made from rayon or acetate and ideally should be dry-cleaned.

has high elasticity, is flame resistant and has high moisture absorbing quality. Wool should be professionally cleaned. If you must wash at home, use a mild liquid detergent and dry it flat. It can be steam pressed at very low temperatures, however some wools like angora shrink easily so ironing is best avoided.
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