earrings and nose-rings can be provided adjusted in non-pierced clip-on style at no extra cost - simply mention when ordering
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Bollywood Actress Jewellery

Ideal Gold Bride
(Item Code: FG11452)

Complete Gold-Plated Bridal Set - Choker-Style Necklace, Sitahar Necklace, Head-locket with extensions, Nose-Ring, Jhumka Earrings, Hathful (hand-flowers) and a Selection of Matching Bangles
US $ 305.00

Ornate Kundan Gold
(Item Code: FG11453)

Exquisite Kundan Stone Studded Gold-Plated Double Necklace, Jhumka Earrings and Mangtika with Red Bead Detailing

US $ 189.00

Mughal Green Set
(Item Code: FG8119J)

Antique Finish Gold-Plated Elaborate Mughal Style Jewellwery with Beaded Detailing - Necklace, Earrings, Head-Locket, Hathfuls and Bangles - As Seen On Saloni In 'Dil Pardesi Ho Gaya'
US $ 303.00

Bridal Kundan Red
(Item Code: FG8121)

Gold-Plated Choker, Necklace, Head-Locket and Earrings - All Set with Clear Crystals / Kundan and Red Beads

US $ 239.00

Blue-Pearl Kundan
(Item Code: FG11131)

Blue-Pearl Based Stylised Gold-Plated Choker Neckpiece, Earrings and Head-Locket with Crystal / Kundan and Golden Beads

US $ 195.00

Emerald-Bead Kundan
(Item Code: FG11129)

Gold-Plated Choker Necklace, Head-Locket and Earrings Based On Dark-Green Beads and Set with Sparkling Semi-Precious Crystals

US $ 165.00

Rekha Gold
(Item Code: FG8128)

Gold-Plated Necklaces and Earrings

As Seen On Rekha

US $ 196.00

Amreeta Set
(Item Code: FG8116)

Choker and Earrings

delivery 4 weeks

US $ 202.00

Tribute To Bollywood Set
(Item Code: FG7490J)

Gold-Plated and Multi Beaded Chunky Necklace, Sitahar Necklace and Jhumka Earrings

As Seen On Aishwarya Rai In Movie 'Devdas"
US $ 190.00

RHTDM Bridal Set
(Item Code: FG8148J)

Antique Look Gold-Plated With Kundan and Moti - Head-Locket, Earrings, Nose-Ring, Two Necklaces and Bangles

As Seen On Diya Mirza In 'Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein'
US $ 290.00

Corrie Katrina
(Item Code: FG11035)

Corrie Shell Necklace

US $ 98.00

Beaded Lilac
(Item Code: FG8136)

Bead Necklace + Earrings

US $ 118.00

Antique Kundan
(Item Code: FG11391)

Antique Gold Finished Choker Style Necklace Heavily Set with Kundan Stones - Matching Ornate Earrings and Head-Locket Included

US $ 169.00

Anupama Set
(Item Code: FG11423s)

Gold-Plated Necklace, Sitahar, Earrings, Nose-Ring, Head-Locket, Hand-Flowers and Set of Red and Gold Bangles - As Seen On Anupama Varma in 'Vadh'

US $ 289.00

Red Chandelier
(Item Code: FG11418)

Red-Silver Chandelier Hoop Earrings only

As Seen On Mallika Sherawat

US $ 98.00

Chandelier Crystal
(Item Code: FG11419)

Blue and Clear Crystal Chandelier Earrings only

As Seen On Shilpa Shetty

US $ 96.00
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