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Review dmi india

Customer comments:

"Superb job shyamal Thanks so much Cheers"
Nigel from New Zealand - Nov. 28, 2015 - Customer of
Aran Sweater

"Got it today...it's beautiful.. Thanks!"
Esha from Sri Lanka - Nov. 19, 2015 - Customer of
handknit Aran Sweater

"i have got my sarees today. i thank you very very much the sarees are just outstanding ..................i love them a lot thanks a lot it was a great job done by your team"
Vanita from Mauritius - July 17, 2013 - Customer of
custom made Net Sarees

Indira from USA, June 27, 2013 - "Guess what I just got my saree and I love it so much..I surely will buy my saree from you guys again...OMG thank you for all the help.." Buyer of:-
Golden Touch - gold saree with black border

"Thanks, just got it, beautiful saree, nice color." Neeta from USA - June 9, 2013
Pooja Pink

"Yes, I got it last evening. Very pretty and on time." Uma from USA - April 30, 2013 - Customer of
Mallika Butties

"I got my shipment. Thx and happy with your work. Thanks a lot." Reeta from USA - March 30, 2013
Katrina Net

"I have received the package today.I like the heavy work sari. Thanks Neeta" from USA Buyer of:-
Ravina Gold
March 29, 2013

"Hi, I received the dress!! Oh my god it's beautiful!!! Thank you so much!! I have no words to thank you guys.
It fits perfectly! It's great! Once again thank you so much for everything and your absolute wonderful service!"

Pradeepa from Australia, December 27, 2012
Buyer of:-
Katrina Net

"thanks a lot. I have received my dress. its lovely. :)"
Sarah from UK - November 29, 2012 - Customer of
VZ Lehenga

"Its been a while since i have placed an order, i have tried other companies but the quality of the sarees is no where near as good as dmi, i would like to place an order for Kareina Award (Item Code: FG13027)"
Sultana from UK - June 12, 2012

"I love it. Thanks"
Reeta from USA - June 11, 2012 - Customer of
Anarkali Disco Chali

"Hi. I got it. Thank you so much. It looks very lovely! Thanks again." Buyer of:-

Nisha from Malaysia, May 30, 2012

" Absolutely gorgeous saree..thank u so much and will recommend your website to all my friends" Soma from UK - May 22, 2012
Sophie at Zee

"Thank you for sending the saree and blouse. I received it on 14.05.12. I am satisfied with the saree."
Jayanthy from UK - May 19, 2012 - Customer of
RKWS Dhillon Saree

" I got the saree and it is absolutely gorgeous and stunning work. super cute. Thank you very much." Uma from USA - April 27, 2012

"I have received the saree and I just wanted to say thankyou for making it how I wanted to look like. Also sorry for my impatience till I received it. Cheers Iswarya P.S. I didnt expect the saree to be so heavy and dont know how I am going to handle it :)" Buyer of:-

Soundarya Saree
from Malaysia, February 19, 2012

"I previously ordered item FG7292, Golden Touch saree for $399. It was superb and very very heavy embroidery on silk" Parveen from UK- Customer of Golden Touch
November 30, 2011

"I have received. Thank you. It is a very nice dress! I am very glad . The next Sunday, I'll wear it with a dance presentation. At that time, I'll take pictures. And I'll sent you E-mail it. Thank you for your kind support." Chika from Japan - Nov 22, 2011

"I received the package yesterday. Thank you so much and I am really happy with everything. I look forward to purchase more products with DMI. You have provided great customer service and I will definitely recommend my family nd friends." Buyer of:- Aisha
Anita from Australia, November 26, 2011

"Love it....thx" Reeta from USA- Customer of priyanka Lace and Velvet
November 3, 2011

"The saree is awesome" Uma from USA - Oct 4, 2011 Shilpa Blue

"hello....... needs a lot of time, but item is excellent will buy again " Buyer of:- Handknit Aran Sweater
Funke from Germany, August 16, 2011

"My past 3 orders (two sarees and a anarkali suit)are awesome" Uma from USA- Customer of Madhuri Evening and
White on Aishwariya and
Shamita Shetty August 15, 2011

"Could you please let me know if dmi-india supply wholesale. If you do i would be very grateful for any further information. I am a new retail boutique opening in the UK in January2012. I would like to have some unique pieces of sarees in my boutique at affordable prices. I have previously bought from dmi myself and have found the quality workmanship of a high class. Look forward to your reply. " KM from UK - July 23, 2011 Page-3 outfits

"i have received the saree, and it is very beautiful. it is just as i wanted :) thank you very much " Buyer of:- Maroon Net Robot
mahendrathevy from Denmark, July 6, 2011

" i collected the Priyanka Bridal today and its exquisite. its just as advertised. thank you very much." Radhika from Trinidad and Tobago- Customer of Katrina Bride and
Priyanka Bridal June 5, 2011

"I received the outfit, thank you. " Nirmala from Trinidad and Tobago - July 1, 2011 Sophie Smile

"Hello - We received the order - thank you so much for your help with this order, I really appreciate it! " Buyer of:- with matching skirt
Madeline from USA, June 24, 2011

"Got the other sarees. They are gorgeous....." Parminder from Canada - Customer of Sophie at Zee and
Katrina Orange June 17, 2011

"Thanks I recived my package and I like it . If u save my measurement I will be ordering more . Blouse fitting is great and I want to order more." Reeta from USA - May 18, 2011 Deepika Brocade

"I have an AR506 crew neck sweater which you kindly supplied in 2007 and am very pleased with it. I am now looking at purchasing a similar sweater.......... " Buyer of:- Handknit Aran sweater
Nigel from New Zealand, May 14, 2011

" I tried on my suit today and its really awesome. Hand embroidery is very unique. Thanks for a great dress." Uma from USA - Customer of White on Aishwariya May 13, 2011

"We ordered two sharis......from you in August 2007. We were satisfied with the sharis," Rupa from USA - March 28, 2011 page-3 Sarees

"I tried looks fine. Thx....Love it thx" Buyer of:- Priyanka Lace and Velvet
Reeta from USA, March 11, 2011

"Hi I received outfit and jewelry yesterday .. Thank you very much for my wonderful wedding dress .. i and my parents loved it . again thanks too you and your staff " Buyer of:- Bollywood Fashion with Jewelry
Nisha from USA, February 26, 2011

"Got the saree. Its beautiful! The blouse fits perfect." Priyanka from USA - Customer of Ash Set Saree February 22, 2011

"I ordered blue tweed sweater before six years. A red thread was mixed in the blue thread of the sweater. I liked the article very much. So I order again.... The knit of your shop arrived today. The ability of knitting rose from the front for six years. Thank you." Takako from Japan - January 24, 2011 AR334 Blue Tweed

"hi:) i purchased a very beautiful outfit from you a few years ago. i was wondering how much it would cost to make an outfit like this picture with half sleever in a size 44? also the color i ask for is a dark,dark teal blue. it is a chudidar pajama. material looks like kattan silk or jamawar. please please let me know right away. my cousins' wedding is in march and i need an outfit! I am in new york. You did a fabulous job on the suit i purchased before and i trust that you can repeat your magic:)" Salwar Kameez Sets
Afsheen from USA, January 21, 2011

Kimberly from USA. Customer of Pink Passion
May, 2011

"Hi, I have purchased 2 saris from you before and am looking to purchase another sari. I noticed you have a promotion of 10-20% off if we send pictures of previous purchases. I have attached them below (actually above). How much of a discount can i get if i bought FG14514 or FG12355? How much for 1 and how much for 2? Thank you" Neha from Canada. Customer of Kareina Award in 2008 Rani jewel Sari in 2009
January 10, 2011

"hello, i have a question i wanted the devdas lengha from madhuri dixit which is green but i wanted it in a other colour. i already ordered 4 years ago a salwar kamiz from veer zarra and it was very happy with it. and i have read if isend the money via western union you can ship it within 15 day is it right thank you regards sadja" - Customer of Veer Zaara Returning Customer from Germany : January 09, 2011

"Good afternoon - Unfortunately, the dress that I ordered didn't arrive until 21st December, which was several days after the function I had wanted to wear it to. It seems there was a delay with the courier company collecting the parcel after it was cleared by Australian Customs. This was not your fault and I just wanted to say how much I love my dress - it's beautiful. I will definately use the services of your company again should I need another formal costume. - dhanyavad" Ann from Australia - December 28, 2010 Yellow Rose

"Hi there, I am emailing you in regards to some outfits you have on your website. I have ordered from you about 8 years ago when I lived in UK and now I am in the UAE. I have a wedding in India at the end of Janurary 2011 and I am interested in some the outfits you have. I want to know, whether realistcally I can get them before the end of Janurary and whether it is easier to collect from Dehli or post to UAE. UAE postal system is not very good and need to know i will recieve them before ordering! I like the following: Katrina Orange Namaste london Salwar Soha KKCP Singh is Kinng Pink
Gurshan from UAE, December 27, 2010

"Thank you i received today my saree. !!!! Thank you so much !!!" Amane from France
September 17, 2010

"thanks again... the pink dress looks very good." ........Buyer of... Bridal Yana
Lale from Germany, December 24, 2010

"hello....... needs a lot of time, but item is excellent ....will buy again" - Customer of Aran Sweater Funke from Germany : December 14, 2010

"Yes, i did thank you it was very nice, and liked by my relatives too" Sultana from UK - October 13, 2010 Kareina Award

"I ordered 3 sarees from you in March/2010. I would like to place more orders." Buyer of....... Sarees
Samit from USA, September 30, 2010

"Just received the suits and we are very happy with them. Quality is excellent and they are appear to be exactly the same as shown in the pictures. The stitching of the suits are also good so thank you so much. We will definitely will place another order in the future." ........Buyer of... VZ Peach Veer Zaara
Anjali from Australia, August 18, 2010

"last year i had order a black dress from you, it turn out so nice on him, i like to order anther dress from you , if i send you pic and color and description would you be able to make a dress for my husband,? " - Customer of Mens Black Salwar Benish from USA : August 12, 2010

"Received the sweater and very happy with it!. Great work and good quality. Will order again for sure. " Anjali from Australia - August 10, 2010
Aran Sweater

".....the Saree is Okay though.." Buyer of....... Katrina Lace
Amanda from USA, July 15, 2010

"Oh my goodness!!! I Just received it!!! I Love It!!!!!!!! Thank you all so so so so so very much!!! Especially b/c you made it just in time for me brother's wedding!! Phenomenal! Thank you so much!! I will refer you to all of my friends!!! I've already told 3-4 of them!!" ........Buyer of... Katrina in Egypt
Monica from USA, June 22, 2010

"i recived my saree and its wonderful, thanks a lot." Buyer of....... Calcutta Fashion
Ignazio from Italy, May 20, 2010

"hi, i have received the heyy baby sari, it was gorgeous" Sari
Biswa from Australia, April 13, 2010

"Hi, I received the blouse last week and I am very happy with it. Thank you for sending it..." Buyer of....... Aiswariya Glamour
Roshni from New Zealand, March 21, 2010

"Can you please double confirm this for me, the saree you have sent for Priyanka the blouse is silver and saree is in gold. Is there combination between the 2 because the saree does not have silver work at all just curious about this that's all But the saree is really beautiful" Priyanka at IIFA
Malini from Australia, March 4, 2010

"I would like to thank you . I got sari on time .Thank you..............the beauty of sari." Buyer of....... Priyanka at IIFA
Renu from USA, february 19, 2010

"Thank you i have received my saree on Friday The saree looks great" Katrina Lace
Neeta from UK, December 14, 2009

" I jst wanted to say that I have received my out fit and THANK YOU so very much I really do appreciate the hard work you have done and most importantly to put up with me. The outfit is lovely, ......... just thought I would let you know since I and all my family will be getting our Indian outfits from you if thatz o.k with you. I am very happy with the outfit, and four my future Indian cloths would you be happy to make them " Buyer of....... custom made lengha from Lagaa Chunri me Daag
Alpana from Australia, December 9, 2009

"Just want to say that I have recieved my suit. It was delay because the post man want to the wrong house. But finally i receieved it and I am very happy with the suit. Thank you and will order again!" VZ Pink
Anjali from Australia, November 26, 2009

"Hi there i have ordered a suit "jab we met Kareina"' a while ago and i was very happy and pleased with it. Thank you so much..i am wondering i have a pic of the outfit that i would like to order is it possible to get the suit made just like the pic i can scan it and eamil you the pic.please get back to me .. ." Buyer of....... Jab we met Kareina
Sharan from Canada, November 21, 2009

"Hallo, I got my dress towday. It fits very good and I like it " Mens Sherwani
Ch from Germany, November 18, 2009

"I have to say that I LOVED the saree that I order from you guys and have recommended you all to EVERYONE! I feel confident enough to try a custom order with you guys. I am attaching a picture of a bridal lehenga and want to know if you guys can replicate the same exact outfit and how much it would cost......" Buyer of....... Egypt Fantasy
Farjana from USA, November 13, 2009

"I have purchased 2 Sarees from you previously and have been most satisfied"
Noeline from Australia, November 10, 2009

"I received the package today and the Top is beautiful....I will definitely order soon again" Nazeera from Canada - September 15, 2009
Corrie Kaftan

"I received my order this week (item : FG7275, red blouse) and it fits perfectly. Thank you very much " Red Blouse
Maggy from Switzerland, Aug 13, 2009

"Hi!We have received the Aaja Nachle dress last week. My daughter was so happy. It came out just like in the movie. Thank you for shipping on time. We will recommend to our friends....." Aaja Nachele Lehenga
Shilpa from USA, July 26, 2009

"Sarees are beautiful"
Custom made Net Sarees with pearlwork

Raj from USA, July 25, 2009

"I received my order (Imperial Blouse) yesterday. The fit is perfect. Thank you very much...." Maggy from Switzerland - July 8, 2009
Imperial Blouse

saree is very pretty. you did a great job. Although i was expecting to see a pearl belt as we discussed and it was not there but thats ok. i like the blouse very much also.
Custom made Net Saree similar to RKWS Neelam

Raj from USA, June 4, 2009

"Hi, thanks for the Saree it looks really nice...." Dostana Gold
Ruby from USA, June 3, 2009

"I received my Saree this week. I wanted to thank you for this wonderful work. The Saree is just fabulous. Thanks again for all your team. You have done a very good job." Jodha Aishwariya
Aknashaa from France, May 16, 2009

"Thanks so much for sending the outfit!!!It's beautiful..." Natasha from Canada - April 27, 2009
Bollywood Fashion + Jewelry

"Hi Received the Sarees today - thks for the on time delivery....is great"
Saawariya Launch Kareina
Karuna from Mauritius - April 20, 2009

I just received the Nimboora outfit yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))))))))))))))) it's sooooooooo beautiful!!!!!!! thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm so happy!!!!! here's a picture! you are genious tailors!!!! Agnieszka from Poland
April 1, 2009

I wrote to you a short while ago with regards to this order, I just wanted to say that I have received the kameez and am very impressed with the stitching. Thank you so much for your service, i will surely be ordering more items from your site. K3G Yellow
Waeeza from Australia, March 25, 2009

Hi, I had ordered my reception lehenga from your website last year and i really appreciated the quality of work done on the outfit.Thank you very much for that. MJS Karishma
Anisha from USA, March 12, 2009

"I have just received my clothes. thank you so much it looks amazing... thank you for the rush order and delivering it so quickly i really appreciate all your hard work and effort. the garment looks fantastic. I look forward to ordering more garments in the future." OM Shanti OM
Shavina from Australia, Februray 23, 2009

"i have got the outfit yesterday, and i called you today to say thanks , its is very nice outfit, you did a good job for my husband," - Customer of Mens Black Salwar Benish from USA : February 14, 2009

"I received my order from you. A nice White Sweater" Donald from USA - January 19, 2009
Aran Sweater

"Saree is extemely beautiful. Great job done. I will soon order more. Thanks again. Amazingly Gorgeous Saree"
Pearl studded Custom Saree
Raj from USA - November 19, 2008

" I just wanted to stop in to tell you my order arrived today. I am so very very pleased I cannot thank you enough for once again beautiful workmanship and attention to detail......." Elizabeth from Ireland - customer of:- FG7010 Bridal Morning : November 6, 2008

"I want to thank you for the professional work done on the item. I am very pleased with it and tomorrow I will place another order with my measurements. Thanks again" - Customer of FG3002 Top Rehana from Trinidad : September 19, 2008

"Just to let you know I received the outfits today and they are lovely. Thank you so much, and I hope to do business with you again soon." Multicolor Pink-Gold
Connie from UK - August 27, 2008

"I have received my saree, and it was gorgeous! And thank you for sending it asap." KANK Pink Rani
Tina from Finland, July 27, 2008

" thank uu soo much:) it was soo nice sarees! i love ur designs:) thxx> eshaa" Esha from Norway Saawariya Launch : July 23, 2008

"I wanted to let you know that I got the sari and wow it is gorgeous! It was well worth the wait. ........The blouse fits perfectly!....Once again thank you soo much and I look forward to ordering from you again, real soon!! " - Customer of Aishwariya Tissue Tosal from USA : July 21, 2008

"hiiii thank you sooo much! we received saree:it was really beautiful " Kareina Award Saree
Esha from Norway July 8, 2008

"Hello, thank you i received the parcel this morning. The kurta fits perfectly. " Incognito
Rita from USA, July 7, 2008

" want to thank you for saving me from disaster of not having an outfit to wear to the wedding. Your customer service and fast tailoring is why I am a repeat customer. I love your quality made clothing from salwar kameezes to sarees, and your staff is wonderful. I will recommend your site to my friends ordering from India. Thank you again. " Joyce from USA Gold KPS : June 30, 2008

"Just to say the outfit arrived very fast and we were all delighted with it............." Sea Queen
Coraline from Switzerland, June 24, 2008

"I have received the Saree today and it is so very beautiful, in fact it is a stunning piece, many thanx" Kareina Award Saree
Preeti from UK May 27, 2008

"Just wanted to thank you..........looks fabulous" Angela from USA Lux Saree : May 24, 2008

"I received my Choli, thank you, it is gorgeous" - Customer of MHN Choli Pratima from UK : April 16, 2008

"Yesterday I got my order...thanks a lot....the saree is beautiful...I was not sure to buy something by internet from a country very far way...but now I am really happy because I can trust you...You know how to satisfy your customers, thanks again...very soon I will do another order" - Customer of Golden Touch in Maroon Nasreen from France: April 18, 2008

" First of all let me just say the outfit I ordered from you guys was amazing. I was really happy with it and everyone complimented me on it at the wedding." Award Fashion Mathurika from Canada : April 18, 2008

"I got the Sweaters and am very happy with them" Aran Sweaters Wholesale Buyer from Ireland, April 21, 2008

"Received my order, very pleased with the purchase. Definitely will be doing further business with your establishment. Thus far have purchased 5 different items and have been positive" Anjili from Canada Calcutta Fashion Saawariya Sonam Dosti Gold : April 30, 2008

"The necklace set is really very beautiful and I'm really very happy with it" Real Jewelry Mrs. Bancelin from France March 27, 2008

"The Saree was great" Suraj from Mauritius Heyy Babyy Lace : March 25, 2008

"FG11904 is lovely and the petticoat fits very well" Jyoti - Customer of Award Fashion from UK : March 22, 2008

"I really love the Saree" - Customer of Queen Bride Natasha from Holland: March 20, 2008

" I am a happy customer from your store....... " Payal Sarkar from UK : March 18, 2008

May 6, 2008 "Thank you so much for the speedy creation of my daughter's outfit. It came in the day BEFORE the big dance. She looked mervelous. All you did was really appreciated" Joy from USA
customer of Lilac DHLJ3

"received my sari today...so excited...it is stunning...thank you...i will certainly do business again with DMI. Thank you again...my wedding will be unforgetable" Silver Zardosi Kameshini from South Africa February 19, 2008

"...i received my suit...it fits perfectly" Salonika from USA Jab We Met Kareina : February 18, 2008

"just received the order and i loved it" - Customer of Blue Gold Fringe Shari from USA : January 15, 2008

"I loved the Black and Blue and Devdas Sari. Absolutely Gorgeous. Especially the person who worked on the Devdas Sari, give them my compliments please" - Customer of Devdas Double And Soha Spot Rumana from USA: January 9, 2008

" I received the two saris. They are beautiful. " - Customer of Golden Black and Bengal Art Thulasi from USA : January 9, 2008

"The more he looks at the sweater, the more he likes it. He Loves the knit...Let me tell you - next year - ALL my gifts will come from you" - Customer of Aran Sweater Jennifer from USA : December 27, 2007

"....I had ordered a sari from you guys that I absolutely loved..." - Customer of Shabana Premika from USA: November 30, 2007

" I just received my order and I wanted to tell you that I am absolutely delighted with the work. Thanks you very much!! The colors matched perfectly and the sari is absolutely beautiful... " - Customer of FKR Esha Rumana from USA : October 19, 2007

"I just wanted to thank you for mailing the necklace, it is beautiful. I definitely will continue to order from DMI. I appreciate your sincerity and commitment to customer service. " Nalini from USA, customer of and Jewelry : October 12, 2007

"with my last order and you did a great job" Sheer Sequin Saree Shahper from USA October 10, 2007

"I wanted to let you know that I received the choli that was modeled by Shilpa Shetty. It is nice, I like it a lot. " Kafia from USA, customer of Blouse FG7412 : October 3, 2007

" just wanted thank you for your excellent work. My mungnee (engagement party) was a hit. The devdas double saree was better than the original. Everyone was floored by the dress to the point where majority of my guests initial response to my entrance was, WOW!!! I was wondering........." nazia - Customer of Devdas Double from USA : September 14, 2007

" I would like to thank you and your team for your excellent work on my bridal outfit. It was the first time I placed an order for my very special day and and I very nervous. I can now say that I will be recommending you to friends and family and thank you once again for making this whole process easy and stress free. The outfit is very delicate and elegant- something which I am very happy with. Take care Krisha " - Buyer of Bollywood Fashion from UK : September 3, 2007

"I received sari on 8-17-07. Its very nice. - Bhavnaben" - Customer of Hema Lemon Zardosi from USA: August 21, 2007

"Received the first saree yesterday, it is very nice. Looking forward to the second............." Bhavna from UK commenting on custom designed Saree : August 15, 2007

"I received the rani haar set yesterday and am pleased that it compliments my original set. Thank you, you have once again outdone yourself and I will defiantly continue to patronize your products." Purnima from New Zeland, commenting on her Costume Jewelry: August 8, 2007

"HEY I JUST RECEIVED THE SAREE I ORDERED TODAY. THANKS A LOT...ITS REALLY PRETTY!" Shivani from USA commenting on Saree "FG7490" : July 18, 2007

"Delighted with the jumper, thanks Mala for your help" Nigel from New Zealand, customer of Handknit Aran Sweater Aran Handknits : June 30, 2007

"Yes I got it yesterday ! VZ Rani It´s perfect! Thank you very much !" Andrea Meier from Germany : June 29, 2007

" Hi, Received the order, Very happy with the sari. Sylvia " - Buyer of FG12190 from New Zealand : June 29, 2007

"Jewelry has been recieved. Is amazing thank you . ,Brook' from Australia: June 28, 2007" - Customer of Only Diya

"I received the shipping , Blouse stitching is awsome , it is fitting very good. Hima" - Customer of Aitraaz Saree from USA: June 24, 2007

"hello, i got the dress today, thanks...looks good - Jigesh " from USA on June 21, 2007, for K3g Yellow

"My top arrived today and it looks wonderful. Thank you" - Beth from UK. - Buyer of Zardosi Blouse (Item Code: FG037) : June 13, 2007

"Received the salwar this morning. It's beautiful! Thank you! Victoria" - Customer of
BP Zari from USA: June 11, 2007

"Hello, just a quick email to let you know that I received my blouse and I love it! Thank you for everything, I will definately return!" Lena Vyas commenting on her Custom Order : June 09, 2007

"recieved my saree. Fits perfectly!!!!! Thank you again.... " - Mriga - Customer of Aishwariya Tissue Sparkle from South Africa : May 28, 2007

"I know that you use superior fabrics as I have always been happy with my previous orders" - Nadira Baddeliyanage from USA : May 23, 2007

"The jewelleries are beautiful! Best wishes to you, Elke " - from Germany : May 14, 2007

"I just received the sarees today. They are absolutely beautiful! THank you so much for doing such a wonderful job. I just am so happy...they are exactly what I wanted. I will definitely order from you again! Thank you again, Sabiha " - Customer of 6 identical sarees for bridesmaids from USA : May 11, 2007

"Received the sari, very happy with the Saree" - Sangita from USA for Golden Pink Kasab : April 26, 2007

"Hi, I received my package today. It was worth waiting!!!! I really like it....thank you so much. Just perfecct!!! Thanks, Jatinder " - Customer of KNK Ethnic from USA : April 25, 2007

"I would like to thank you and your team at DMI for producing such a beautiful ghagra choli. The colour and each and every little detail is immaculate and mind blowing. A job very well done. Thank you Mala, I am more than happy and appreciate your constant contact with me over the past few weeks J" - Purnima Kiran from New Zealand commenting on her order of Bollywood Fashion - April 23, 2007

"Dear Mala, Thank you for your mail, I have received the order last week Friday. Very pretty!! Kind regards Gisla Dwarkasing" - Customer of Shilpa Fancy from UK : April 23, 2007

"Hi, Thanks for the Shipment. We received the order on 20th. Thanks and Regards Srinivasan Meka" - Customer of MDK Pink and Green Crush : April 21, 2007

"Thanks for your job. i like it. Thanks. I am very happy. It is just like i want." - Yussra Meerja, Customer from France for Custom Designed Salwar Kameez : April 13, 2007

" ...I am really surprised. And really inspired!!! That's wonderful... ..Otherwise I allways buy costume jewellery by ---- in London... ...your jewellery is amazingly and beautiful!!! With my best wishes to you, and a big kiss for my loved India, Elke Merz " - customer from Germany : April 12, 2007

"Hi, I received the package yesterday. Thanks a lot! The outfit is beautiful. Aruna" - Customer of Dosti Gold from Trinidad : April 12, 2007

"I received the goods. Thank you so much. Always a pleasure to order some goods from you. All the Best B. Lässer" - customer from Switzerland for Prakshi Designer Outfit PRF4121 : April 12, 2007

"...you made the outfit for me (it was beautiful, thank you)." - Amy Goodwine, customer of children's suit Maroon Model : April 2, 2007

"Dear Mala, I received the shipment. It is beatiful. Thank you very much for your assistance. Regards, Pamela Bracey" - Customer of VZ Lungi Style from Phillipines : March 13, 2007

" Thanks I've received my outfit and I love it. You guys efficiency in customer follow up and shipment is great. Thanks a lot. " - "Reseline" Buyer of Bollywood Fashion from New Zealand : February 28, 20067

"Dear Mala, The sari is absolutely gorgeous, stunning and real beautiful !!!!! I am very happy with the results.. u guys did a great job!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to the entire team involved ..and get ready for the next order.. Cheers J" - Customer of KANK Peach Rani from Dubai : February 01, 2007

"Thank you so much. I am very impressed with your timely responses to all my inquires." - Bhoomija Singal : January 17, 2007

"Received the 2 sweaters and they are gorgeous. Thanks so much. Happy holidays... Carlene" : December 23, 2006

" Hi Mala, Thank you ever so much, the outfit is lovely and a perfect fit. Bye for now Kuljinder " - Buyer of BP Zari from UK : December 3, 2006

" Hi, I received my Set and tikka today. Item Number FG8115J. I have never ordered online before, so I was a bit scared that it wouldn't turn out how i liked. I was very wrong, it actually turned out way better then I expected. It looked better then it did in the picture. Thank you so much for listening to my request about adding a matching tikka and changing the finish to Silver instead of Gold. I will be ordering again. :-)" Rani from North Vancouver, customer of Ash Set : November 19, 2006

"received package yesterday. thanks. will send photos. mena" - Customer of FKW Urmila

"Dear Mala, Just to let you know that the saree has arrived today and to say thank you. Sharmila" - Customer of Silver Silk-Chiffon from New Zealand

"Thank you for your workmanship as always. Miss McGuigan" : August 30, 2006

"Thank you very much, received my order today...loved it" - Milan Gill, customer of Tanushree Navy Silk and ZWS Aishwarya : September 7, 2006


"Hi Mala Just to let you know I have received the order. Many thanks for your excellent service. Kind regards, Zahira" : September 26, 2006

"Thanks Mala , I've got the sarees right on time , they are fabulous !! Cheers, Preethi." Preethi Errabelli, customer of Brocade Gota - : October 24, 2006

"Thank you.....I received the sari yesterday and it was beautiful.." - Malinie Surujnarine : October 24, 2006

"Item received with thanks. Will order again very soon. Iqbal Ali." : October 26, 2006

"Hi Mala, Thank you ever so much, the outfit is lovely and a perfect fit. Bye for now Kuljinder" - customer of BP Zari : November 29, 2006

":o) The package came now 30mins after I read your mail. Beautiful fabrics. kind regards, -Ghita-" customer of Kurta Junction, MPDH Sequin and Palaice Designer outfit : December 5, 2006

"Hey Shymal Received my package and it was just perfect. Thanks a bunch. Cant wait to parade my new sari! Been a pleasure to do business with you, will definitely be back again. Cheers Premika Mishra" - : February 19, 2006

"dear mr. mitra, on friday morning, a quarter past nine, the postman was ringing. he had a parcel from india... (it's funny- the german post sometimes needs more than a week to deliver a parcel inside of our city and you are able to manage that from india within three days- !!!)
i opened the wrapping and was almost speechless- i have never seen something beautiful! i' ve never calculated such a good quality! the workmanship your stuff was doing is nearly impossibly perfect! the drapery looks wonderful and mostly i enjoyed all those little bells around the veil. the jewelry was a little bit different, but it looks also amazing, and is going wonderful with the dress!
sadly i can not try the dress, because i am still pregnant, but i have an older sister and we have nearly the same masurements- she tried it on and i can't await the day i will wear it- its really blinding!!! i am tailor too and i can say, that it's nearly impossible to sew that it suits perfectly, and that with the half world in between!
please thank all your employees for their wonderful job! THANK YOU AGIN A LOT! no words can tell, how glad i am!! yours faithfully, c. derlitzki, u.lingat"
customers from Germany for Bollywood Fashion and Bollywood Fashion Jewels : August 28, 2006

Buyer of Devdas Double from UK, Shahana Yasmin - "Thanks Mala, All recieved and am very happy with the end result"

Customer from France for Bollywood Choice, Sariff Meerja - "It's ok , i received it today!!!! It's so beautiful thanks so much!!!! you made a great job!"

Nadira from USA for Sequence Peacock - "I received the Sari yesterday. Thank you. The stitching is of superior quality and very neat. I am impressed. Haven't tried on the blouse yet but it looks nice. I look forward to receiving my second order of the Shalwar. Thanks again."

Francine Heimburger comments for Grecian Blue and Even Match -
"The sari and choli have arrived. They are quite lovely and I am greatly pleased ! I look forward to ordering from your business again."

Sariff Meerja from France for Dia Sequin Kurti and Bollywood Queen in Navy - "Thank you!i received them today!Thanks. They are so beautiful!great job."

"Hi, I just want to let you know that I have received the order and as it was a gift to a friend she loved it. it was exactly the same as we saw in the film. I would be ordering more salwar kameez for sure once again thank you so much!!" from Jasdeep Mann, buyer from UK for ZWS Shamita : August 09, 2006

"Dear Mala, Just to let you know that I recieved my sari this week. I am happy with the sari it is very beautiful. I would just like to say thank you to everyone that was involved in making my sari and a big thank you to yourself for keeping me upto date and responding to my emails. I will definetly recommed your service to my friends and family. Hopefully I will be shopping with you soon. Thank you again. Regards Fathima" : August 11, 2006

" Thank you, Pradip, We have received the package - Your efficiency in following through customers orders is excellent. I am sure we will be ordering more items from you as we are impressed by your service. Regards, Vijay Dutt(MRS) " customer from new Zealand : August 16, 2006

"Mala, i have received the order and like it a lot! thanks a million. Reshmeen." customer from Pakistan for RKWS Twinkle

""HI!!! WAW it's too beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!thanks so much. What a great job you did! All are perfect on me. Thanks so much." Sariff Meerja, customer from France for various custom designed salwar suits : August 25, 2006

"I have now opened the package. I did not recognise at first expecting pearls, Breathtaking as alwaya of you my dears. I am ever so grateful, Thanking You Once Again," Elizabeth McGuigan, one of our favourite customers from Ireland : August 30, 2006

"Namaste Payal, My Outfit just arrived.....It is sooooo beautiful, please tell all the people involved in creating this I send my deepest gratitude and Love...I feel like an Indian Goddess in it!!!!! Thankyou thankyou thankyou. Love Sharon"

"Thank you very much, received my order today...loved it" Milan Gill from California on her order of Tanushree navy Silk and ZWS Aishwarya


"I recieved the saree already thank you guys so much. My wife loved it alot." Robin Chandra, buyer of Melbourne Lara

"Hi Mala, Just to let you know I have received the order. Many thanks for your excellent service. Kind regards, Zahira" customer of Lime Lemon Handwork

"Thanks Mala , I've got the sarees right on time , they are fabulous !! Cheers, Preethi" Buyer of Spring Crush and Multi Sequin Isha from USA

"Thank you.....I received the sari yesterday and it was beautiful.. Regards, Malinie Surujnarine" Buyer of Chup Chup Ke Blue and Chup ChupKe Blue Jewellery from USA

"Item received with thanks. Will order again very soon. Iqbal Ali."

"i love my new sweater" Carlene, Buyer of Aran Handknits from USA

"Dear Payal, Thank you So much, I recieved my gorgeous and stunning outfit, and am so happy.." Rachel from Melbourne, Australia

"Breathtaking and extraordinary as always. Thank you so very much I am so pleased. Very Truly Yours, Miss McGuigan" - Customer of Bole Churiyan

"THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I received my golden beige sari, blouse and petticoat today and it is STUNNING!!!! I can't wait to receive the other clothes. Very best wishes, Rehana" - Customer of Traditional Bride

"Dear Mala, today Friday the 7th of July I received my clothes, they are really beautifully made and I am very happy with them, and with your fine service. Thanks again and till next time with kind regards, Saffiun Shaik Roestali, from the Netherlands"
Customer of FG6199 and Nouvelle Salwar : July 07, 2006

"Mala, The outfit arrived in Bangalore Friday afternoon. It looks wonderful, fits perfectly, and was a big success at the wedding I attended -- lots of compliments! Thanks very much for all your help. I look forward to wearing my outfit many more times and ordering from you again! Please feel free to use my comments on your website... With thanks, Alison Buttenheim, Los Angeles, USA"
Buyer of Aspiration : July 04, 2006

"MALA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I received today my orders (23058 and 23224). I am so happy. You do a very goo(d) job. The salwar is perfect on me!!!!!! Thank you very much! Thank you for the job that you have done, for replying and informing me. I wait now for two orther orders. I am so happy."
Sariff Meerja, customer of printed suits from France : June 23, 2006

"Hi Mala, I just received my order and everything looks beautiful and fits perfectly! Thank you!!" Elsa Bhandari, customer from USA for FKR Silk Suit, Blue Water, FKR Esha, Silk Mix, Emerald Sharara, Candy Sharara, Pink Mukaish KPS : June 22, 2006

"Hello, Thank you very much for the saree, it's very nice.... ..I am very pleased with the saree. It was the blue Devdas Queen Bride saree.. Thank you, Saba Refai" from USA : June 21, 2006

"Hi, I have received my last order - MDK Pink - and I was glad to see it. I am very happy that you have made the lehnga in the same design/model as shown and I really like the handwork very much... .. Regards Tina Dhanda"

"Dear Mala I received my outfit. It's so lovely. Thanks" Bettina Laesser from Switzerland, customer of Lambado and Antique Saffron
June 26, 2006

2 printed suits to Switzerland Tuesday, July 25, 2006 I received de package yesterday.Lovely like always. Thank you so much. Best wishes B. Lässer


"Hi Mala, I recieved my two sari's on the 15th June. They are absolutely georgous... ..Thanks, Anasuya." customer of Devdas Double and Golden Dream : June 19, 2006

"i have already your saree today. this saree is real nice. thanks.. ..thank you very much" customer of See This from USA, Ritaben Patel : June 04, 2006

"Thank you for the order, I have just recieved it and I love it.." Halima Khanum from UK for Golden Touch : June 03, 2006

"Mala.. Received the package on Thursday and the saree is great... ..yellow blouse looked better and I wore it at the grand party on Sunday and got lot of compliments. I got the bangles and earrings as well.. Bhavna" customer of Rani Resham from UK : May 30, 2006

"Dear Shyamal, Thank you very much for the awesome service and delivering my saree on time. I love the saree and I did look Like a bollywood queen when I did put on for my engagement. I will for sure do business again. Thanks Mohini." Mohini Singh : 29 May, 2006

"hello.. i have received my lengha... i like it very much. thank you" customer of Bollywood Fashion from UK, Pardeep Attwal : May 24, 2006

"Hello, Today I received my other two suits. They are even more lovely than the previous one. Many thanks. I will certainly recommend you to my friends and no doubt will use you again. Best wishes, Rehana" - Customer from UK, commenting on FG11690 and FG11801

"Dear Mala... I've received my outfits and I would like to thank you so much. I love the Antique Saffron Kurti (FG11143) it's so beautifel. Soon I will order some more clothes. Thanks again and all the Best. Bettina Lässer" (customer from Switzerland)

" I received the two salvar costumes ( FG11475 and FG11281 ) today - they are just beautiful! They are cut and stiched perfectly and the design is just gorgeous! Kind regards.. Pankaja " - (customer from Austria)

Customer of Nandini fg7572 from New York: " Thank you for the dress. It came out really nice. .. Thanks.. Rashida "

Customer of MDK Orange from New Zealand: "Dear DMI team, Thank you so much for the most georgous outfit for my engagement. I cant even describe how beautiful it was, the fine detail and hand work was magnificent. I definitly got all the compliments!! This definitly wont be my only purchase - Im so pleased i will have to buy more!! I have been so busy that I did not get time to send you a thank you email. Best regards, Rani Kumar"

" Thank you the outfit is beautiful! I love it the color is perfect. I havent tried it on yet but I know it should fit me. Thank you so much. :) "
(Angel Perry) Customer of KNK Gold from USA

"t hanks guys - got the saree - the blouse is beautifully made..saree is ok..should have had it pleated..just drop me a line how much it costs to pleat saree so in the future i will have you guys make it(very important i know cause i do plan to buy from you guys again).. thanks.. kala " - Customer of MDK Antique Saree from USA

Customer of RHTDM Sequin from USA - "Dear Mala, I got your salwar kameez and it is beautiful thank you so much i will deffenitly buy from you again. Ali"

"Hi, the cloth has reached me. It fits very well. Thank you. Regards. Hoffmann" Customer from Germany commenting on her Custom Ordered Outfit

"Thank you for all your assistance. I have received the sample. It is beauitiful and I would like to purchase it... With kind regards.. Lalitha" - from Australia

Shazia from London commenting on her order of MJS Karisma , Lucky and 2 Shimmering Sharara in different colors

"I recently ordered and received a wedding outfit and matching jewelry. Everything looks really nice... Thanks, Jennifer Neitzer" customer of our bestsellers Bollywood Fashion and Bollywood Fashion Jewels

"Hello, everything arrived last year and were ok... Thank you in advance.. Regards..Rüdiger Hoffmann" customer of Designer Outfit PRH10013MK and Black Rose

"Hi dmi, I have received my outfit from bunty and babli and i am very happy with it.Thank you guys for the bangles." Ariana Ramjit for her order of BB Patiala

"..my mom (Nusrat Javed) just ordererd 3 sarees from you just over a month ago, and they were
absolutley gorgeous! She is going to wear that on my wedding. Thanks again. I appreciate your
customer service. Thank you for your business and time. Mahwish"

"Mala, it's just lovely..... so nice........... :D shukriyah, Hyanna Revitch" customer of BB Black

" Hi Mala, I received my shalwar and I like it very much... Thhank You.. Indira Nandlall " customer of BP Resham

' The dress that I purchased from your website is beautiful. Thank you, Keng ' Keng Xiong, customer of MDK Ice

"Received the Wedding Dress on Friday morning. It is quite beautiful. My daughter loves it... Regards, Amrita"
From USA, Customer of our Bestseller Bollywood Fashion

"Hi, I recieved my sari yesterday and would just like to say thank you. It is a very pretty sari and i intend on wearing it to my cousins wedding next month. I will send pictures through to show you how nice it looks on. Once again thank you. Regards, Anju Sharma"
customer of KNK Blue

'Hi, I have recieve my order and I love it... ..thanks again and I will be ordering more outfits in the future'

' "Hello Mala... I would like to let you know I received my order and am very pleased. The jewelry is much nicer in person. I am very happy doing business with you and would recommend people to use you also. Thank you for the good work... Nadia" ' - Customer for Gold Jewel Set

"Dear Payal, I received the order today, and love it... The silver and gold pattern in the blouse is perfect and would beautifully complement the bride's and bridesmaids' dresses" - Deborah Woodward from Richmond (Virginia) commenting on her Silver Design Lehenga

"I surely received aran sweater , today .It is my just size ,and, the color is I want to .I am sorry many many requests.I do not know European size at all, and I teach my friend who lived in Germany eight years. She said me that German 36 size is about Japanese middle size. And I select your Uk10 size .I am sorry unpolished English. At last, Thank you very much. Takako Tetani"

'Dear Mala, I finally received my outfit ( Linen Club ) today. I am very pleased with the craftsmanship and the fabric. It's very professional looking! ...I plan to place an order for a pair of jeans and a denim jacket soon. Thanks/Linda'

"Dear Payal, I am delighted to say i have recieved the sarees... thank you very much. Jahanara" - customer of KNK Blue

'...I'm Priya remember me well I'm ur frequent customer and so is my friend he alway buy clothes for me from ur website. My friend just ordered the this product few days back. MSK Saree .. and it was very nice of u to give him a discount really appreciate that Thanks... I'm ur frequently buyer customer and so is my friend Pratik. Ive purchased the following items before and i'v been happy wit ur clothes.. Ive ordered produtcs like MPDH Sequin ... MDK White .. Aashiq ... I'm still interested in ordering more.. I'm interested in this item next MHN Churidar .. Ive also told lot of my friends about ur website about ur great clothes and nice corteous service. thanks Priya'

"Thank you, I received it and it's beautiful."
Customer from Chicago for MDK Ice

"Hi dmi.. I am very happy with my outfit. I think you people have great style and perfect fit." - Ariana Ramjit from New York, customer of Bollywood Queen

"..recieved a red suit that was for my mum, i had ordered this a while back, and I just recieved it a couple of days ago, it was perfect fit, and it looked really nice. Thanks a lot Sabrina Bhalla" - customer from UK

' Dear Mala, Thank you for your email. The sari arrived on saturday and is perfect. Very beautiful. I shall certainly recommend DMI India to my family and friends. Thanks and regards, Fariba '
Fariba from France commenting on her customised Queen Bride in Red

"I received my order today, tried it on and WOW I can't tell you how happy I am - It is beautiful!! Do you keep measurements on file?? I may want to order another Kameez/Salwar.... Thank you very much... Sincerely, Bobbi Van Buskirk" customer of Printed Suits from USA

'Dear Mala... I received my saree yesterday (Wednesday) Shenaz Pink saree (Item Code: FG11880 ). I am very pleased with the saree.. I am happy with the blouses that you sent as they fit well... Thank you' Deidre from Netherlands

"I received my order today - thank you very much... ( Star Shine and BP Shades ) were wonderful and I
thank you for them, I already have friends asking where I got the items from.... Best regards. Gurjit Bassi"

Comments on Yellow Rose made in Maroon:
' ...The dress I received is beautiful and I am very pleased with it's quality... Gretchen Ingebredtsen. '

"Thanks alot. I have received the saree ( BP Sequin Saree ) and is really nice! i will definately
be ordering with you again in the near future."
Kiran Kaur Mann from UK

Comments on Custom Outfit Inspired by Movie 'Shabd' for Customer from UK: 'Just to let you know, the shabd outfit was really nice... ..everyone was asking where i'd got it from! speak to you soon. Sandi p.s. definatley can't wait for the sari!'

"Hi, I recieved my sari yesterday and would just like to say thankyou. It is a very pretty sari
and i intend on wearing it to my cousins wedding next month. I will send pictures through to
show you how nice it looks on. Once again thank you. Regards, Anju Sharma"
Customer of KNK Blue from United Kingdom

Reena Chowdhury from USA, Customer of Sanam FG7386 says:
"I recieved my dress. It was wonderful! I absolutely LOVED it! It fit perfectly. Thanks!"

Comments from Australia for BP Shades : " Hi I just received my order. It is very nice...
I am very excited. Looking forward to ordering more stuff. Many thanks Savita

'Hi There , Received my order (FG11622), it's beautiful. My daughter loved it. Thanks a Bunch Saras'
Customer of BP Shades Kurti from USA

'Thank you. I received my sari today. It's beautiful. Cant wait to wear it.' - Vandhana Sharma from Australia commenting on her Baghban Red Saree

"Hi, I am not sure if I replyed earlier, as I was on my way to the airport when the package arrived, I took a quick peek, but it wasnt till recently I returned and could give them to all the dancers. We are very pleased with our order, style, size and quality , they are very beautiful and I will likely be ordering a few more as the group expand(s). Beautiful! Thank you. Mishaal Miyamoto in Tokyo"
customer of Taalash Choli with Matching Skirt and 10 pieces of Sequin Ghagara

"Hi, I just received " Maroon Beauty ". Beauty does describe it. This salwar is Exquisite! It is also very well made. I will definitly order more salwars in the future from you. Thank you again and Best Wishes Paula Geiss-Gupta" - from USA

'Hi Mala, I have attached photo's of my daughter in the Anupama... As you will see she looked stunning and turned many heads... we did win a trophy for the "Most Authentic National Costume." Many thanks once again. Kind regards Margaret.' customer of Anupama from United Kingdom

"I do want to thank you very very much... The parcel contained the YOUR BELLE Amisha Patel Black Halter Neck Choli Sharara it is all black and gold. I am thrilled with it is magnificent Thank you. Also, the SHABA SHABA Pale Pink Rani Mukajaree Choli Sharara, it is also exquisite I am thrilled. And lastly the unusual pale lilac Choli Chaipur ( KNK Sequin ). I am also thrilled very beautiful as I was with thrilled with the Kareena Kapor ( Shimmering Sharara ) and little Kajol of the last order Thank you so very much I apologise once again. And as alway the quaity and workmanship are unsurpassable. Please stay safe and best regards, Elizabeth" - customer from Belfast

'Hi this is Roksana, and I just recieve my dress from the movie "Lucky". The dress really is beautiful and i appreciate you taking time out to make it for me... Thank you.. Roksana' customer of specially requested lehenga, from USA

"Dear Mala Thank you for the email. I have received the jewellery and am absolutely thrilled with it. Well done! Cheers.. Sharon" - Sharon Moodie from Australia regarding Discovery Hollywood Jewellery Set

'We were away but the package arrived. everything looks great. Thanks.'
Nana Greller from New York, regarding Videshini and 3 custom made Kurtis

"Hello, this is Priti Patel. I just wanted to tell you I loved the BP Zari ... Thank you." Priti Patel USA

'Hello Mala... Just to let you know that I have received my suit and it is lovely. I really am pleased with it.
Thanks for all your help. Kind regards... Balbir' Appreciation from UK for BP Zari

"hi mala... my daughter (has) seen her saree Calcutta Fashion ... she (is) absolutely delighted with the saree.
it is (a) beautiful saree thank you for your help. best regards neeta"
- customer from UK

Customer of Printed Suits , Savitri Singh from Canada says -
'Hello Mala, I received my suit last week and I want to let you know that I am really pleased with it. I love the print you choose. I had to do some minor adjustment to the kameez but it was easy because there were lots of allowance inside... For the records please keep my measurement because I will be placing an order again probably tomorrow.'

"Mala, Thank you for your prompt reply. Thank you also for confirming with me that the color is correct. I am happy to wear the saree in this color. It is indeed a beautiful gown." - Wendy Anderson from USA commenting on her Bridal Lehnga

'Hi Mala, I received the suit yest....its very nice and fits well:) thanx for gettin it ready and sent out
so quick... i had it within 3wks of ordering! Looking forward to ordering again. Thanx, Jyoti'

Jyoti from New Zealand for FG7402 Blue Flower

"..The Olson family would like to thank you for all that you have done; and we appreciate the
work that has been put into the dress. Thank You..."
customer of Bridesome from USA

Margaret Rigby from UK regarding Anupama FG11423 - "Hi, Mala, It's just arrived! and is
absolutely gorgeous, I thank you and all your team from my heart. Many thanks. Margaret."

'Hi, I just recieved my beautiful blouse (Aishwarya style) by courier... Thanks again. I will definatley do
business with you again. Regards, Katie Lowe' - Comments regarding BP Shades from Canada

"I picked it up today at lunch. Absolutely fabulous. The color combination turned out much better that I had hoped. Thanks for a great job. Mike Sullivan" - customer of Blue & White twin thread Aran

Kitty from USA says "hi... thanks for the sari..it was really gud... thankx" (customer comment on Calcutta Fashion )

"..thanks for working on the new saree. I really like the Haldi Zardosi sari you made for me; the handwork is marvelous. I think I will order more zardosi type saris from you later. Thanks.. Sanjesh" customer from USA

"Hi Mala... I received it yesterday! It is very beautiful :) Thanks for your help!"
Customer from San Francisco for Humraaz Bridal Ghagra

'Received this on friday, it was very nice thank you.' - Shireen from USA, customer of Diyarella

Mary from Australia - customer of Pore Paya

"Hi... About 3 months ago I orded the Pore Paya from your website, I have worn it a few times and it is absolutely fantastic! Here is a photo of me in it at the WACA cricket ground in Western Australia , watching Pakistan vs West Indies, I got heaps of comments about how pretty it was from the Pakistani cricket team players . Waqar Younis (who was commentating for the tv network) said how pretty the salwar kameez looked and Shahid Afridi actually came up to me and said " you look really gorgeous today ". So thank you so much, I will definitely order more clothes from your website! Mary Castieau Western Australia"
"hi Mala i received my suit today, it is gorgeous i love it! thanks.." comments on Printed Suits from customer Mumtaz, Birmingham UK

'The outfits have arrived, and they are very nice. Thank you for making the corrections. Lynda' (customer of Printed Suits )

'Just to let you know the lengha arrived yesterday and I'm really pleased with it... Many thanks. Juliet'
customer of Bollywood Fashion from UK

"Yes I received my order on the 24th... my garments were nice. Thanks." - Janice from Australia


"Hiya Mala... Have received the outift, many thanks it is nice... thanks.. sayma" - customer of Bollywood Fashion and Bollywood Fashion Jewels from UK

"Hi Mala.... Just a note to let you know that my sari arrived this morning. Its beautiful and the blouse is exactly what i wanted. Thank you. Shehlha" - customer of Blue Rose saree from Bedford UK

Thank you very much Mala... i loved the black outfit it was great! Maryam

' Hello, I received the order today. I love the saree and the design and everything...
..thanks for doing a good job on the style of the outfit :) I have recommended your online store
to some of my friends here. Thanks, Tahmina Baker
' - (customer of special custom order)

Ruben from Spain on her Order of FG6093 with extra dupatta

"Hi Mala, I received the wedding dress today and its really beautiful !!. The jewelry was a bit different to the picture but it is also nice anyway... I would like to Thank you and your team for a wonderful job on the dress and gave me the perfect fitting and everything else. I will send you a picture of me in that dress soon. I hope the other item comes soon too. Thanks again for everything. Tc." - Farah Ali from UK on FG99 & FG99j

"Hi.. Thank you so much for putting all your hard work into the outfit, the oufit is wonderful, i really love the outfit. I am currently thinking of ordering again but i will let you know when i am. Thank you so much..." From Khaleda (customer of Printed Suits )

Feroza Khalifa from Leicester, UK on her order of Bridal Lehenga Bollywood Fashion -
"I would like to let you know that i have recieved my outfit on Nov 2nd 2004. Thank you for the outfit it is really nice and I would like to thank you for co-operating with me throughout. THis was the first time I had ordered an outfit via the web and am really pleased with the results. I would like to thank you for the excellent service you provided and will definately be using your service again in the future. Thank You... Feroza"

Hi, I received my first order ( FG5102 ) and I love the outfit. Thank you very much and I will order next time that's for sure. Best wishes, M (from The Netherlands)

Taslimah Dilmahomed from Mauritius, commenting on her Rani Sharara
"hi payal.. i have been waiting for my cloth with great anticipation and i finally got my outfit early this morning , u people did a good job , very good fitting as well . was soo pleased to see that the cloth fit me perfectly . this is what i wanted. i wanna take this opportunity to thanx all the people and tailor that have work on my outfit , .. it was my first order won t be the last don t worry .when needed u shall hear from me...
a special thanx to payal who has been of great help and take great care of her client which i very much appreciate i think thats it . thanx again for everything . best regards taslimah"

"Dear Mala, thank you so much. The dress ( Nouvelle Salwar ) has arrived... It looks great and I am very happy with it. Thank you again for all your help with the payment. With kind regards... Uschi"
customer from Germany

'Hi Payal, I got the sari today. Its looking beautiful. I like the work on the blouse... just wanted to let you know that i really really liked the sari.. its looks very very good and I have gotten many complements from various people.. hope to do some more business with DMI at some later time..... Ruchi' - Ruchi Gupta from Canada commenting on her Baghban Black with Customised Halter Blouse

"hi i just wanted to let you guys know that i finally did receive my clothes... my outfit was JUST PERFECT . i have to give you guys props for the good job i loved it and everyone liked it too . I want to order more.. Pammy K"
customer of Printed Suits from US

"I received the cholis and they are wonderful! Thank you! ...the fabrics used are very good quality and the workmanship is very good. They all fit beautifully.. I will send you a picture soon! I own a bellydance boutique and direct several troupes and we are always on the lookout for costumes! Thanks! Andrea" - customer of 17 cholis from Chattanooga, TN, US

"Hi Shyamal, thanks for the wonderful job that you have done in my order. I forgot to thank you for the hair clips. I am really impressed with the marvelous work in my order. . . .thank you so much for all the trouble you took to make us satisfy and explaining details of the order. . . "
Cindy David, USA (customer of 3 handworked sarees )

Yasmin from United Kingdom
customer of Calcutta Fashion

'Hi Mala, I am so happy with my order. I have to admit that at first, I was a bit worried about it. Especially since I'd be sending my measurements in. I wasn't sure if you could make it exactly to fit my body. But I am very pleased . I am very happy that you also delivered my order in time. The order is perfect . Especially the ice blue outfit. I absolutely loved the ice blue outfit and I would like to place another 2 orders for the same outfit. I have another wedding to attend to on the 30 October. I loved the design work on the top so please make exactly the same. Thanks once again for all your help and for the wonderful items.' - Janice Kumar from Australia on Blue Flower as worn by Aishwarya Rai at the Cannes Festival

Dear sir/madam... Thank you ever so much for the recent clothing i ordered (green crush)
it was so perfect fitting etc, thank you... Best regards Sobia (customer from UK)

Dear Shyamal... i just recieved my first order & i love it. ... the jewelary is in a good shape.
Thank you & hoping to hear from you. - Israth Sumi from NYC

Re Custom Silver Design Outifit
Hello.. I have just received the above outfit that I had asked you to make and I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with it and how beautifull it looks on. The embroidery is absolutely superb and the tissue skirt is stunning! Thank you so much for all your time and effort as I now have the perfect outfit for my wedding and I really appreciate the wonderful service that you have provided. Many many thanks... Carole Richardson

"Hi.. i have recieved my order in good time of the wedding. And i appreciate the effort of getting my suit to me quickly. As i have not ordered from you before I was very weary of the outcome of my order and in honesty, I was firstly disappointed because I didnt feel the suit looked exactly like the one I ordered. When I tried the outfit on, my opinion changed completely as it is exactly how i wanted the suit - ...happy with my purchase. ....thank you for your hard work and i will be in touch soon with pictures!! Best wishes... Ouzma" (customer from Manchester)

"Dear recipients at dmi-india! Just wanted you to know that my linen travel ensemble arrived today and I am very, very happy with it! It fits me perfectly! Thanks to you all! My best wishes, Monika" (from Finland)

"Dear Mala, My outfit arrived and I am so very, very pleased to see the high quality and perfect fit! I will be proud to wear it at my wedding in one week's time. My thanks to you and your team for making this wonderful set, which is better than I ever dreamed, and your kindness in keeping in touch with me. I am most satisfied and will surely order more of your items in the future, as well as recommend you to my friends with the greatest of confidence!.
With Greatest Appreciation, Maryanna Giger"
- customer of AMALL Ghagara in white from Oregon, USA

"Man you people are very quick in responding your emails. Guess what... I received just five minuts ago my salwar ( Orange Desert ). And it fits! Thank you very much and I will order soon again thats for sure." - Shangeeta From Portugal

"Hi, we are rather pleased with the product ( Green Crush ) you have sent us. it meets all our requirements... we were satisfied with the overall design... many thanks." - Anila from Stockholm, UK

"Mala... Just to let you know that the Saree arrived this morning... The saree is lovely... Thanks"
Agnes from Belfast - customer of Silk Mix

Aurélie from Paris (France)
customer of Blue FG3098
"... I've just received my salvar kamiz from K3G. I'm very happy with it. I like the clor and the shape..."

"Dear Shyamal... order.. arrived this morning.... They are lovely... look and feel good... Thank you to you and all your hard working, clever Tailors that have made this possible. My husband would also like to join me in thanking you for allowing us an easier way of making payments.. I wear your clothes with pride. John is now waiting with greater anticipation for his suit... Again, many thanks to all. regards, Yvonne and John Seymour-Lansley." - Customers from England

"I received my order yesterday. The packaging was really excellent. The saree ( Ceremony ) is so lovely... Thankyou"
Ashwin from Australia

Moreen from California (USA) : - "HI Shyamal... Thanks, the outfit ( Heart Throb ) looks great and fits perfectly!"

Saima From UK On Her Purchase Of Printed Suits

I received my order today... The workmanship is excellent ( Brocade Pink Plus ) and I thank you for that. The other salwar kameez is lovely and should fit the person that I bought it for quite well. - Julie from Australia

"Dear Shyamal... The lehnga and jewellery look great..thanks for doing such a wonderful job... Shivani" - Customer of Karisma Bridal

'Hi! i received the order Back This Plus (Item Code: FG7407a) in time & many thanks to the whole dmi team for the wonderful work; the saree's colour is exactly what i expected and the stiching & zardosi works & everything is perfect; The blouse's cutting is superb & fits so perfectly; Great job guys!!!!! Thanking you, Vinolia' - from France

"Hi, there. I just received my special order, a satin bridal wrap, and I absolutely love it! I am really thrilled with the quality! It is sooo beautiful and soft and luxurious! I can't wait to wear it! Thank you so much! Laurie Thompson" - from USA commenting on her custom ordered silk-satin wrap

' Many thanks for the sample which arrived safely. It is absolutely stunning - the workmanship is excellent and I can't wait to see the full lengha. As agreed I will send my measurements in November to have it made up, along with a further order for garments for my attendants at the wedding. With thanks. Juliet Malcolm, Durham, UK' - customer for FG99

"...I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work. especially rushing the delivery to me... thanks very much, for the outfit and rushing the delivry. hope to do business again.. would highly recommened you when every one asks about my one off suit!!!" - Zara from UK

" I did receive the sari...and I am very pleased. Not only is it quite lovely but it arrived within my requested time... I look forward to doing business again in the future.. My best regards"
Prathima from USA - customer of Life Style

".. I did receive the sari...and I am very pleased. Not only is it quit lovely but it arrived within my requested time.. I look forward to doing business again in the future... My best regards" - Kimara of USA - customer of Queen Black

"...received my suits ( Pistachio Paisley and Slate Print )... They are simply gorgeous - much more beautiful than I had expected. The workmanship is most satisfactory and the material is like the finest silk. Thank you very much for your prompt handling of the order... This is definitely not the last tme I order from you!"
Tove Petersen from Denmark

"...my linen travel ensemble arrived today and I am very, very happy with it! It fits me perfectly! .."
Monika - Finland

"...Thanks for the beautiful indian suit..it fits perfectly and looks great."
- Moreen from Sacramento, U.S.A. - customer of Aashiq FG7351

" Hi... I just recieved my Blue Flower Salwar Kameez today and I wanted to say thank you it is just GORGEOUS! I ve alreadey put in another order. You guys are definitly the BEST! " Nellie - USA
"Sumiya" from Annandale, VA, USA customer of Life-Style (FG7336)

"I received.. Oindrella - (Item Code: FG7345) ...thank you very much. It is great. ...placing another order.." - Lucy Persaud from Blaine, Maine, USA
"Judith" from Alexandria, VA, USA
customer of Young & Trendy (FG77 - above) and Just Choli (FG7422 - right)

"... thank u soo much for your prompt service... n i'll surely bring u more business in future..." - Jasmine
Customer comments: "...I received the outfit... was really nice and I was really pleased, thanks a lot. I have already used the outfit and it was just made for me. I will again thank you for a VERY VERY good service you have given to me, it really means a lot for me... Thanks for everything." - Nadia from Norway - customer of FG3212

" I just received my order (Salwar-Kameez FG7073 ) yesterday and am very happy with it. I told one of my friends about your website. She is getting married early next year and is interested............." Teena - USA

".....I have received the first four items today. They are beautiful...." Charlene - USA

"Hi... The 1st sweater (Aran Sweater AR209 ) arrived today... Excellent job... Thanks... I paid for the 2nd one today... mike"

""hi- i just wanted to let you know i recieved my pakage- thanks!!! i love the materials- they're much softer than i ever expected. shemina" - USA - customer of 15 Salwar Kameez -
Summery Cool - Aspiration, Blue Lane - Green Crush - Oindrella - Walk n Wear - Bollywood Queen and 8 Printed Suits

"..thanks for your timely shipment of my sharara as well as the matching bindis and bangles. It fits me perfectly! Should I need any other clothing, I will come to you first'....Sherry, USA

customer from New York..."...probabaly don't remember me.....made me an outfit from an Indian movie last July, plus another from your website...they were great, the fit, color design, everything was superb! Well, it's another ordering time again!"

" I received the outfits ( FG5080 and custom order from Ek Rishta) yesterday. They look and fitted great! Thanks!" . . . . . . . Kelly - USA

"....just got home......package arrived today.....tried on the outfits and they fit beautifully.....wonderful job...this is the third time I ordered from you and will definitely do so in future and have told my friends about your website......."Rupa, USA

Customer of Life Style and Red Ivy says - "Thank you for rush you placed on my order, I received it yesterday. The items are beautiful."
Sahani from Blaine, MN, USA

" hi there ... i wanted to tell you that i did get the stuff on time ... n thanks for that its really pretty ..." Jasmine from North Carolina, USA - customer of Discovery Hollywood

"Hi there, I would like to thank DMI for the very nice sari. The Devdas double is a gorgeous sari and I received it just in time for diwali. Thank you very much for the hard work. I will certainly be ordering more stuff from you website in the future.I enclose a photo of me wearing this beautiful sari. Regards Priya Kumar" customer from New Zealand

Comments on Green Crush FG5050

"Hi ... I just recieved my Green Crush Outfit. I Absolutely love it! ... You guys did an amazing job! ... Iwant to order another one ... I really want to order this other outfit. Thanks ... -Nelly-" - USA

" I received my order and I am happy with the product and the service".. Rupa - USA

" .........thanks again. I like the dress a lot, specially the fitting is amazing. Take Care." Trisha - USA

.........many more appreciative comments on......Green Crush FG5050...........
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