all bindis purchased individually (not part of other order) will be shipped by Registered Airmail 7-10 days from date of receipt of order
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Bollywood Actress Outfits

Bride Ready
Bride Ready
(Item Code: FG4095)

Glittery Forehead Bindi with
Long Bindi (for nose/ forehead)
US $ 29.00
Bride For
Bride For
(Item Code: FG4096)

Bridal Forehead, Nose, Ear and
Long Mangtika Jewelled Bindis
US $ 33.00
Bride Only
Bride Only
(Item Code: FG4097)

Intricate Bridal Forehead
Bindis only
US $ 26.00

all bindis are self-adhesive, non-marking and re-usable

Necklace Bindi
Necklace Bindi - (Item Code: CJ303)
Jewelled Mangtika Bindi with
Clear Jewelled Necklace Bindi
US $ 27.00

Body Bindis
Body Bindis - (Item Code: CJ302)
Selection of Multi-Purpose Jewelled Bindis

US $ 29.00

Please Note: selection of bindis sent will be similar to those shown - but might not be exact in minute details and colors
due to selective production of this exclusive hand-made selection - should you wish to order specific colors please
let us know by e-mail after order - we shall provide colors and styles to match your outfit/ choice at no extra cost

Designer Bindis
Designer Bindis - (Item Code: CJ307)
Selection Of Traditional Multi-Color Bindis

US $ 31.00
Designer Bindis
Designer Bindis - (Item Code: CJ308)
Selection Of Traditional Bindis in Red Tones

US $ 21.00
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